Heya, I’m Lauryn!
I’m wifey to my high school sweetheart.
Together we have two little babes Bean + Peanut.
Our happy family is currently residing in Utah.
I’m a member of the LDS faith.
I love anything and everything artistic.
I am a dancer.
Apples are my favorite.

I’ve always been fascinated by fashion. I can name and describe all of my favorite outfits (usually dresses) from age five ‘til now. Weird, right?
I love getting ready for the day. NOT saying I always do (I’m a mom after all).
But I love that by doing so I have the chance to express myself artistically. The makeup you wear and the clothes you put on define and describe you as a person. It is the perfect daily creative expression… it’s not ALL vanity, it’s about showing the world and yourself who you are.

I started this blog as a way to help others gain (and maintain) a positive view on beauty, fashion, family (particularly motherhood), and life. I want people to know their self worth and be confident and comfortable in their own skin. I want to spread my way of redefining beauty to women, men, and kids everywhere. Do what makes YOU feel beautiful.

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