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Beauty by the Slice-Taste the Sweetness of Maskcara Makeup

Okay, it’s me. I don’t like cake.
But this makeup is SO sweet you’ll regret not having a taste,
and I want to share a piece with everyone!
(I just couldn’t resits the puns here..teehee)
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Being a Maskcara Artist really is a privilege.
I am genuinely representing a product line that I absolutely love and get to share it with those around me. But it’s not just the product that I love.
Cara (Maskcara’s founder, model, and brains) wants to share the idea that makeup should ENHANCE beauty, not cover it up. As a blogger and an artist myself, this totally aligns with my hopes to share self worth and confidence to women all around me- including myself.
This amazing makeup literally redefines the makeup routine. So it can be a little tricky to figure out where to start some times. To help you out, I’ve created some kits from starter to expanded full kits as purchase ideas. This is not a “kit” that you can order from Maskcara with one click. It is just a suggestion on what to put together and where to start. The awesome thing about Maskcara makeup is that it is 100% customizable. So remember that while you read the rest! See where you want to start then contact me to color match and we will get you all set up for your perfect makeup routine!
Since the Maskcara Artist Program is having it’s first birthday on the 17th, AND because Maskcara makeup is all about having your cake and eating it too… I decided to put these little beauty packs in terms of cake!
The “cake bite” kit is just a little taste of Maskcara. This includes 4 singles in a quad compact. I would generally suggest a highlight (which acts as a concealer AND foundation), a contour, blush, and illuminator. However, you may opt for a second highlight color to brighten the under eye area and/or vanilla dust setting powder in place of the illuminator.
The “piece of cake” kit is the perfect kit to get you going.
Everything you need to create a beautiful basic Maskcara glow.


“Takes the Cake” is my personal favorite and pretty much what I was planing on purchasing for myself until I decided being an artist would be better for me. It has three amazing double ended brushes that all serve their own beautiful purpose (I can’t live without the detail hac for my under eye application!). It’s got the perfector sponge which blends out any harsh lines and smooths makeup without taking it off. Then you’ve got some neutral eye colors to throw on for your everyday look. And it ALL can fit perfectly in the HAC stack compact. You’re whole face in one handy compact!
Obviously the “Have Your Cake and Eat it Too” is really ideal. I can tell you that I use every single brush to apply my makeup daily. (I’m obsessed with brushes because they all have their own little job they do best at!) I also love to switch up my look so having multiple blushes is a must for me. Plus multiple beautifully pigmented eyeshadows? Can’t say no to that! Again, it ALL can fit in the same compact. Guys.. for the OCD perfectionists like me- this is MONUMENTAL.
“Icing on the Cake” isn’t necessarily a “kit” per-say. Maskcara is not only about the makeup. We have an AMAZING skin care system called Milk. If you want to know more about this you HAVE to ask me. It’s seriously magic. The makeup removing wipes are bigger than usual wipes and SO good to the skin. Especially sensitive skin. The Restore Brush Cleaner is a WATERLESS brush cleaner. Just a few sprits on your brush swirled in a towel and your brush is spotless. If I wasn’t an artist myself, I might just believe that this brand is witchcraft. It’s that good. Last but not least, pictured above is the clutch. If you’re like me and you do your makeup in the car at least once a week, you’ll want this. Fit in your makeup, brushes, cards, cash, etc.!
“Let them Eat Cake” shows options for becoming an artist. I gotta share the love here.
I’m not a sales person guys. If I didn’t truly love this makeup and the premise of this company I would not have become an artist. I always try to remember this when people are pitching a product to me… they MUST love it, or they wouldn’t have joined. If you are even slightly contemplating becoming an artist, comment or e-mail me RIGHT NOW and I will give you 10 reasons why I became an artist. (Those 10 only scratch the surface. I’m serious.)
Everything is customizable to however you want. If you don’t like a purpley eyeshadow in your kit, you don’t have to have it! No more unused colors sitting in your palette. This makeup is for YOU. So when you’re ready to purchase, shoot me a line contact me via instagram, facebook, e-mail, whatever and we’ll make this happen! If you know what you want to buy right now, enter my artist number 6294 at checkout and contact me for $5 off a HAC brush.
Thanks for reading!
I know you’ll love Maskcara makeup as much as I do.