Lifestyle Mommahood

You can be a mother and still be YOU.

I truly believe that being a mother is my greatest accomplishment.
It’s also my greatest joy and my greatest fear–
My purest happiness and my deepest frustration–
The truest miracles I’ve ever witnessed and the most disgusting situations I’ve been in.
Motherhood is everything to me, but it can take everything from me.
During the first few years of my first son’s birth I realized how much you have to give as a mother.
I began to truly understand what selflessness was.
And after the birth of my second son, I realized it was more than selflessness. I was gone.
There was no more Lauryn, only “Mom”.
No more showers for me, only showers for my children.
No more comfort for me, simply comfort for my children.
No more aspirations or goals of my own, just aspirations and goals for my children.
I’m not trying to bring a bitter taste of motherhood to anyone.
I also don’t want ANYONE to think that I have hard feelings toward being a mother.
I am so blessed. We are so blessed.
But I want all mothers, new and old to hear this:
Y O U  A R E  M O R E  T H A N  A  M O M.


I have dreams.
I have talents.
I have goals.
I have hobbies.
I have friends.
And they are MINE.
I should not be afraid or feel guilty to pursue these things.
Doing so does NOT make me a bad mom.
This time for myself is necessary for my sanity.
And my sanity is necessary for my kids.


I am a mother.
And I am a person.
They are my everything.
But that doesn’t make me nothing.
Find your balance.
Pursue YOU and take care of them.
You can have your cake and eat it too. 😉