Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth

I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with Smile Brilliant over the last few months. When I was approached to review a teeth whitening product I was pretty skeptical. Because my teeth are wildly sensitive. Hold on to that thought for just one sec. When I looked more into the diy bleach trays, whitening gel and… …

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Beauty Fashion

Styling Mom Jeans

 I did it. Got myself some mom jeans. I scored them at Marshall’s for $12. They are American Eagle which is my favorite place for jeans so I really felt like I had no choice! I like that they are high rise and loose fitting. The bottom is more tapered so I cuffed them. The …

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Beauty Lifestyle

What is Maskcara Makeup?

I recently started a new adventure as a Maskcara Makeup Artist.  So far it’s been a week full of intense learning, trial and error, and fun.  If you’ve heard anything about the Maskcara Beauty Line, you’ll know it’s not offered at retail stores.  It is purchased through an artist. So yes, it’s a multi level …

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