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Don’t ever be Afraid to be You

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I’m tall.
I bite my straw.
I have naturally curly hair.
I have short eyelashes.
I overthink and over explain.
I like to organize things.
I love the hot hot heat.
I don’t like pizza.
I don’t like Star Wars.

I have quirks.

We all have quirks.
And for some reason there is a part of us that feels like we have to hide our flaws.
Hide the things that make us different.
We have to pretend that we are something we are not.
I wish with every piece of my heart that I could stop the self destruction.
I wish I could stop the unnecessary embarrassment.
I wish I could let every single person in this world find and know their beauty.

So please. Read this out loud to yourself.
(Reading it out loud will help you understand it. 
You need to believe this, because it is TRUE!)

Ready? Start….NOW:
“I was born with a set of characteristics, mannerisms, and talents that are uniquely MINE. 
There is literally not another person on this earth who is made up of the same combination of traits as I am. I will EMBRACE it! I am not ashamed of who I am. I will not hide my uniqueness. I love myself, and will wear myself proudly.”


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