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Don’t Let Motherhood Cramp Your Style

As a momma it’s inevitable. You’ll get caught up in dirty diapers, spaghetti messes, sticky fingers and bathtub splashes. 

And with the mess, you’ll start thinking…

“SERIOUSLY. What is the purpose of wearing cute clothes?”

You don’t want to ruin your nice clothes…so the go to is sweats and ugly tee shirts. Let me tell you something. Getting dressed and getting ready as a mom is important. It will help you find motivation for the day and help you gain and maintain self-confidence.

Yes. Dirty clothes are annoying. And no, I’m not going to give you some amazing tips to keep your clothes child safe. Kids are kids.

But I will give you a few things: 

  • Invest in a great spot treatment for the laundry room
  • Treat spots immediately.
  • Keep travel stain removers handy.
  • Think about the outfits you have. And treat your clothes nicely! Save your expensive clothes for date night. If spaghetti is for lunch, change out of your white shirt. Don’t buy clothes that just really aren’t kid friendly. (For me that’s white pants.. juusttt not happening.) Be thoughtful about the things you wear. Your clothes will thank you for it. 
  • Understand that having kids may just mean that you change your clothes a few times a day. And that’s okay!
  • Be cool with sweat pants days. They’ll happen. And it’s OKAY!

All I’m saying is, don’t let kids cramp your style! You are an important person with taste and class. Yes you’re a momma but you can be a stylish momma. Wear the clothes you like to wear. Take care of your babies.        Feel confident, and be motivated!




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