Easy Highlight and Contour Guide Illustration

 I know I’m so late on the contour game, but I started contouring about 6 months ago.
I started by using really cheap products without any contour guide. I quickly realized contouring was something I was going to be in with for the long haul and the cheap palettes just weren’t going to cut it.
I researched SO many different options for contour and kept being led to Maskcara IIID Foundation. I loved the concept and the products so much I decided to become a Maskcara Artist. Since becoming an Artist, I’m finding that people get too easily intimidated by contouring.
And it’s not near as intimidating as it seems.
You just need to know where to place the color and practice a few times!
So I created a basic illustrated easy highlight and contour guide to help everyone out.
Whether you’re a contour newbie or just want a little refresher, you’ll benefit from these tips.
Read the below steps a time or two,
then save the last picture (full contour guide) on your phone for an easy how-to when you’re getting ready.
You can highlight and contour in 5 minutes or less!
**side note**
If you are using Maskcara makeup or any cream makeup to highlight and contour you will need to set the makeup with a setting spray and/or setting powder. 
I like to apply setting spray FIRST, apply my highlight, contour, and blush, apply setting spray again, apply setting powder, then apply my illuminator.
The highlight color is going to be your concealer and foundation color.
This is the color that will match your skin color.
Begin with the under eye area. You’ll want to create a triangle shape under your eye.
If you just put the concealer/highlight color directly under your eyes over top of your bags, you’ll just create a shadow and your under eye will become exaggerated instead of covered.
Applying a triangle creates a brightened look and covers bags.
Continue by applying the highlight color on your nose, jawline, chin, upper lip, forehead, etc. You’ll want to cover most of your face with this. I sometimes like to even apply on my eyelids to even everything out. The only place you WON’T apply this is where you’ll be applying your contour and blush. There is no sense piling on layers of makeup if it is not necessary. UNLESS you have acne or skin flaws that need to be covered. In that case apply the highlight color over all areas of the skin.
*another side note* 
Some makeup does not blend easily and you WILL need to apply a foundation color all over to be able to blend the contour and blush smoothly. This is one of the many reasons I choose Maskcara makeup over other types. It all blends together flawlessly. The highlight, contour, blush, and illuminator are made to work with each other so it all flows super nicely.
If you have any areas you need more coverage on, now is the time to get good coverage.
Stipple the product on your face instead of wiping. If you really have some tough spots, stipple the highlight/foundation color, apply setting powder, then apply coverage color again.
Don’t stress. This is not hard. Promise!
Take two fingers and feel the top of your cheekbone. Feel where it starts to curve under. Follow the curve of your bone downward toward your nose. You will create that same curve with your contour. Think of it as a slant downward with a slight curve up. This will draw your face upward almost like a push up bra for your face. 😉
Make sure you create some space and don’t go far up into your hairline by your ear.
You’ll create the look of sideburns.
Also make sure you don’t take the contour too far down. You want to avoid the mustache look.
Blend this curve upward with a brush or a sponge. Blending upward will keep the push up look going for you while blending down will drag the face down.
Next, “scrub” it up on your forehead into your hairline.
When you are adding contour on your cheekbone you are creating a three dimensional look.
If you are making part of your face three dimensional you want to complete the look.
If you have bangs, this part isn’t necessary as it won’t show.
If you want to, add contour to the sides of your nose and under your jawline. Make these subtle to avoid a dirty look.
Blush is easy.
Smile at yourself and find the apple of your cheeks.
You’ll apply your blush right above the contour almost overlapping it.
Spread it upward even by the sides of your eye.
Make sure you keep that triangle you created with the highlight open.
The blush shouldn’t come up into the triangle area.
Blend it all together with a fluffy brush or damp sponge.
Illuminator can really be applied wherever you feel comfortable.
I prefer to just apply it to the top of my cheekbone by my eye.
For me it seems more natural but still adds shimmer where natural light would hit.
Some people like to add illuminator on the nose, upper lip, and under the brow.
Do what works for you!


Once you’ve gotten all of your colors on, make sure you blend out any harsh lines with a fluffy brush or damp sponge. You’ll love the way contour looks on your skin. If you have any questions about the contour guide, shoot them in the comments or send me an email!
And if this inspires you to try Maskcara feel free to shoot me an email at and we can get you color matched. 🙂
♥ ♥ ♥