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Finn Bibs – Durable Essential Oil Diffuser Bibs

 This post is kindly sponsored by Finn Bibs. All opinions are 100% my own. 🙂


If you think your baby is slobbery, you haven’t met mine.
I mean, without a bib we go through five shirts a day.
With a regular bandana drool bib we are going through five bibs PLUS two shirts a day.
At first I thought it was teething…
but the drool kept coming and teeth never came.
Some kids are just SLOBBERY!
(or as my three year old calls it- slobblery)

  With all the lovely drool, I just wished I could find something that was a little bit more durable. I wanted the comfort and fashion of a bandana bib but with the durability of feeding bibs.

Then, you guessed it,
I was introduced to Finn Bibs.

 Honestly, I was expecting the same old flimsy bandana bib just cuter.

I was SOO pleasantly surprised.
The outer layers are soft and absorbent, but there is an inner layer that resists the moisture.
I was able to keep my slobbery babe in this thing THE WHOLE DAY!
I’m telling you. That’s shocking.
As amazing as that is…that’s really not the huge seller of these things…
Each Finn Bib is sewn with a special little dew drop where you can drop a little bit of essential oil.
An essential oil diffuser bib. Genius.
I’m not going to pretend like I’m an essential oil expert,
and you can obviously tell by the two oils I have pictured. ha!
(I truly have no idea if the oils pictured are safe for babies. I didn’t use any on my baby,
I just wanted to show how useful the bib is. Click here to find a list of essential oils safe for babies.)
But I love that I have the option to drop a bit of chamomille or lavender on here for when my baby is ACTUALLY teething to help soothe him.
I once heard that if adults went through the pain that babies go through to teethe we would have to be hospitalized.
These teething babes are tough so anything to help them is MORE than welcomed!
So if you’ve got a baby, you’ve gotta have Finn Bibs.
Head over to their site and get 10% off of your order by subscribing via email.
Promise these bibs won’t disappoint.
(and Baby Peanut)