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How to be a Mom and Get Ready Every Day

By no means am I saying I get cute and fancy and ready everyday. 
I mean, yeah, that would be the eventual goal, but with two babes it’s hardly completely doable. 
A little bit ago I decided  “the looking homely completely lazy going out in public with sweats” 
look has to go away. 
Now if this is your jam I’m soo not judging you. I’ve been there done that and I get it. 
And sometimes in my not so proudest moments, yeah…It still happens. 
But I’m sharing some tips on how I try to avoid it.
There are so many trends that are fashionable AND comfortable. 
…so many more.
So take advantage of those suckers ’cause you really can’t be in some tight little number and chase toddlers. #amiright
Kids are messy. You’ll try to avoid it but it’ll get on you. 
I’m not going to go into the graphic details of the amount of crap that can end up on you throughout the day. You know it happens. 
Which is why most times you say to yourself it’s not worth it to wear cute clothes. 
Which is not true… it’s not worth it to wear NICE clothes. (haha)
So save your Nordstrom blouse for another day and wear your Forever 21 tees for the every day.
You can still look put together but not have to worry about staining your nicer clothes.
I honestly can only remember my own momma wearing flats once in a blue moon. 
The sound of heels clicking on the floor is HER. 
(and not in a creepy watch out the boss lady is coming down the hall type of way.)
She went to the grocery store in heels, to church in heels, to the park in heels.
She’s perfect.
I look up to her so much. Her confidence is beautiful, but she herself is stunning.
She is the reason I’m saying don’t give up on heels… they give a woman power!
I can wear a pair of leggings and a long tee with some flats and I look and feel a little lazy.
I can wear the EXACT outfit with a pair of heels and feel and like I can totally take on the day.
Definitely not suggesting to anyone that you need to be putting on a pair of 5 inch stilletos for everyday wear.
Find some comfortable heels. THEY EXIST! Do some testing.
I started with a few 2 inch chunky heels and added a few wedges.
I really feel comfortable in them and don’t feel like a slob when I take my kiddos on a Target run.
I still wear flats, but I don’t save my heels for special holiday parties and let them rot in my closet anymore.
(choose one)
After my first baby this one really helped me.
Recovery was awful, I got sick. I got in a lazy girl rut.
So I took it a little bit at a time. Every day I would either fix my hair or fix my makeup.
It got easier and to the point that I could manage to do both and figured out ways to balance me time with kiddo time. Part of this had to do with my next trick…
Braiding back bangs, not washing as often and re-curling, braided ponytail, etc.
Simple hairstyles are fast so you get more time to do makeup if it works out that day!
I know I said to just pick hair or makeup. But if you pick hair, put on some lipstick.
It’s like a magic makeup potion. Suddenly you look like you can rule the world.
In these pictures I’m doing all of these! 
I covered up my lack of makeup by putting on some sunglasses.
Threw on some lipstick, wore some cozy leggings and comfy dress.
I took of the heels for hanging around the house, but wore them to drop off my sweet boy at school.
I didn’t feel like a wreck but stayed cozy for mom life.
Good luck mommas,
mommin’ ain’t easy.
If you’ve got more tips, let me know!