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Introducing the Babes

I’ve shared my story of how I met my hubby and now it’s time to introduce my family!
First off: I’m not completely opposed to sharing pictures of my boys. They will make appearances on my social media and in the blog. But for their safety I’m choosing (for now) to not share SO much of their lives. I will very very rarely mention their names…though I’m sure if you look hard enough you can probably figure it out. But for public purposes they are my Bean and Peanut. 🙂
After Michael and I were married we took some time to be together as a married couple before we had kids. At the point of our marriage I had already known him for 5 years. So you can imagine I knew him quite well. BUT let me say… it is so much different to know someone as a spouse, and for us it was even BETTER.
We adventured all over the place. Vacationed in Disney, Boston, Texas, and more! It was so fun. We loved our late night Maverick runs. We got a puppy. We moved A LOT. I finished my schooling in Education and taught preschool and kindergarten. Those four years before our first son were SO much fun.
It eventually got to the point where we really felt like we were ready to be parents. (Can you really ever say that you were ready to be a parent!?) In October of 2013 I found out I was pregnant…we were soo excited.

I finished up teaching my last year of Kindergarten in June of 2014 and shortly after that our first baby was born.

As much as I loved being pregnant.. NOT. I was so happy to have that baby out of me! Pregnancy is rough. Always sick and uncomfortable. But what they say is true. It’s totally worth it. 😉
The first time I saw my baby it was so surreal. I couldn’t even fathom that a human came out of my body. Weird, beautiful, divine, scary…everything. It didn’t take long before I felt incomplete without him.

The transition to motherhood was INSANELY difficult for me. I did not feel like a natural mother at all. I loved my Bean but I missed teaching. I wanted to feel needed and staying at home proved to be a challenge for me. Motherhood will always be a work in progress, but I finally felt like I had a better handle on things after about a year.
Standard in “mormon culture” is to have another baby after two years. I was SO not ready for that. And in fact, when we started trying for our second I STILL didn’t feel ready for that. And when we found out that we were pregnant with another boy in October of 2016 I STILL wasn’t ready for that.
And the second pregnancy was terrible. I was soo sick. I felt like a terrible mother to my 2 1/2 year old. Half the time I would just let him play on the iPad while I moaned and groaned in the bed.  I  also went into early labor which was scary. Despite the rough pregnancy, the birth went SO much better with my Peanut. He arrived in June almost exactly 3 years after his brother.
He is a little piece of Heaven. Both my boys are absolute angels and ALL of my boys mean the world to me. I would be nowhere without my family. Even though sometimes I feel like they make me more impatient, less friendly, and easily irritated-they make me stronger, braver, kinder, and happier than I could have ever imagined.