A Letter to the Daddy of my Babies

I couldn’t have dreamed up a better husband. I imagined it as a little girl. It seemed like marriage would be a fairytale. You, my prince, happily whisking me away into Lala land. Pure bliss. And in all honesty…that’s what it’s like for me. You went above and beyond what I had imagined. Being married to you is truly bliss. Bliss, giddiness, comfort, trust, LOVE…
I also dreamt of being a mother. Imagined what it might be like. I would curl my daughter’s hair, take all four children to Disneyland, bake cookies after school, teach them in every moment. Pure bliss. And in all honesty…that is NOT what’s happening here. At all. Can I please emphasize that.
As much as I would like to curl my daughters hair, we don’t have GIRLS. And pretty sure that even if we did, I’d hardly get around to running a brush through my daughter’s hair- I can hardly put a little gel in our son’s. And though I’d like a trip to Disney, I’d rather pay off the debt that we owe from having baby number two. And cookies… well, that might actually be my only skill in the kitchen because you know I can hardly cook mac ‘n’ cheese.
Now I don’t know if you imagined what things might be like as a husband or a father, but if you did, there is no warning sign or handbook that could have prepared you for what has come.
So I need you to know how thankful I am for the father you are. Because I could have never for-seen how truly GREAT you would be.
Thank you for the look of pure joy when our first son was born. For looking at me like an angel who had done no wrong and for holding that baby like you’d been waiting your whole life to meet him.
Thank you for repeating that same genuine love when we brought our second son into the world. I know you don’t cry much, but I will never forget those perfect, happy tears on that day.
Thank you for stressing out about the babies safety when he wasn’t sleeping at night so I brought him to our bed.
Thank you for letting me sleep with him in the bed because you knew how hard sleepless nights were getting for me.
Thank you for missing him when, 3 years later, he sleeps at his Mimi’s and you wish he was in our bed.
Thank you for letting me bring in little brother into our bed of three making it a bed of four. Every. Single. Night.
Thank you for teaching our sons to giggle.
Thank you for teaching them to respect us.
Thank you for wanting the best for them. Even if it comes at a sacrifice to you.
Thank you for making the most impressive Lincoln log towns, hot wheels jumps, and train tracks.
Thank you for playing at 7 am on Saturdays so I can sleep in on the weekends.
Thank you for giving out bear hugs.
Thank you for being with the boys a few times a week while I’m at dance allowing me to have a break.
Thank you for cleaning up the house. Like deep cleaning for real cleaning our house. As hard as I try, I can’t seem to mom and deep clean. If it wasn’t for you, our house would probably grow mold.
Thank you for caring about the education of our boys. And teaching them to love reading and science. I don’t know what Bean would do if he never fully understood how rain comes.
Thank you for every time you help me at night making bottles, changing soiled bed sheets, finding the bunny, calming down the baby, filling up the sipee, etc. Nights can be so hard and your help means so much to me.
Thank you for being calm with them when I’m losing my cool. And for taking control when you can see it’s needed.
Thank you for understanding me and bringing me peace when I have LOST MY MIND as a mother.
Also, I’m feeling that I may never find it. So thank you for pretending like I’m smart.
There’s more. There’s so much more. You are so much more. So much more than I even know our kids needed in a father. So much more than I knew I needed you to be as a father.
I could not do parenting without you. You give our boys everything you’ve got. They are so beyond lucky to have you as their daddy and they know it. Because of you, I don’t have to fear for their future. I know they have been able to watch you be a perfect example as a husband and father. We are SO thankful for you and the person that you are and the rock you are for our family. 
Happy Father’s Day, love you so much!