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My Mommy Bucket List

About two and a half years ago I wrote a blog post stating my “mommy bucket list”.
Here is an excerpt of that post almost 3 years ago:

“…But being a mommy will A L W A Y S come first.
Having my little guy, I think of things I’d like to do as a mom, so I have started to keep a little “Mommy Bucket List”.
I know I will continually have more to add to it, but as of now,
these are things I’d like to remember to do as a momma now or in the future.”

I had written numbers 1-6 way back when.
And I’m actually pretty pleased to say I have done most of these.
But now here I am having my second child with SUCH a different personality
and my oldest is growing and has more interests.

So i’m adding to my bucket list.
And I’m going to print it and put it where I get ready or in my kitchen so I can always see it.
For me, a mother is the most important thing I can be.

1. Have one UNPLUGGED day a week.
No computer, no TV, no cell phone, no iPad, etc.

Go to museums, amusement parks, road trips, etc. Our own little field trips.
Such as backyard scavenger hunts, tea parties, backyard campouts, etc.
Involve the kids in household chores, let them “earn” big ticket items they absolutely. just. need. 
5.Visit Daddy at work for LUNCH once a month.
Let them see how hard Daddy works for our family, enjoy some family time.

6. Let the kids have INDIVIDUAL DATES with one parent or the other.
Time where they get ALL of the attention.

7. Provide opportunities for LEARNING.
I want my children to love to learn.
The more I do at home,
the easier learning will be for them and the more fun they will have learning.
Check out my pinned learning activities here.

8. Create moments for IMAGINATION.
Play with them, craft with them, let them play alone…
Imagination is a beautiful art form and I don’t want it to be lost on my children.

9. Provide SOCIAL opportunities.
Enroll them in preschool, soccer, extra curricular etc. But also encourage them to order their own food, make a friend at a park, or talk to Great Grandma on the phone.

10. Teach them to LOVE THE SAVIOR.
I generally try not to get to religious on here, but this one is important to me.
Life is too hard to go through without the help of Christ.
I want my children to know there is always someone who is there for them that they can turn to.

Anyone else have a mommy bucket list?
Anything I just NEED to add?
I would seriously LOVE to hear what you have.
Add your bucket list ideas in the comments!
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