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Simple yet Memorable Christmas Traditions

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brighten up your spirits with these simple holiday traditions!

When I was first married I had so many wonderful dreams and ideas of what I’d do 
for Christmas and the traditions I’d have with my family.

What I came to realize, was that we already had so many great traditions in place. 
And with the hustle bustle craziness of the Holiday Season, simple is sometimes better. 

Here are our favorite simple, yet meaningful Christmas traditions. 

1. Letter to Santa + Donate Toys
I created this little poem and letter template a few years ago. 
It’s the perfect way to help kiddos decide what they want most when they get so excited about so many great options. It also helps them understand the joy of giving.

2. Pajamas on Christmas Eve.
Yes, it’s pretty common, but it’s always fun to have a brand new pair of cozies to wear in bed waiting for Santa to come. We are wearing Lazy One jams in these pics!

3. New Ornament Each Year
This is a tradition I did with my family as a little girl. Some of the ornaments have really special meaning to me and it has been really fun to show them to my boys.

4. Christmas Book
Each child gets a Christmas book each Christmas until they are 18. 
They will then have a collection for their own family when they are older.

5. Christmas Pickle
This is derived from a German tradition. My husband is part German so this is a fun one for us.
A pickle ornament is hidden in the tree on Christmas Day by the parents. 
Whichever child finds the pickle first gets an extra present.
You can get a Christmas pickle here!

6. Lights + Hot Chocolate
Our boys love going to see lights. 
We usually go see city lights, but sometimes we just drive around looking at neighborhood lights. 
It doesn’t have to be fancy. 
Any lights, and delicious warm hot chocolate for our bellies.
It will all be memorable.

7. Christmas Games
Each year both my family and my husband’s family holds a Christmas Party. 
Every family brings a game. These parties and games are by far my favorite part of the season.

8. Cookies for Santa
Yes, most people do this one as well. 
But we make sure that we actually make cookies for Santa instead of buying them. 
Baking together is such a fun family activity, plus the cookies have so much more meaning for the kids when THEY made them especially for Santa.

Yes, they are simple, but they are meaningful and memorable!
Let’s enjoy this Holiday Season with the most happiness we can.
What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

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