Eyebrow Shaping and Grooming Guide

SO…BROWS—- As much as I’d like to have micro-bladed brows, that’s really just not a reality for me. Plus, even if I did have micro-blading done I’d still have to do touch ups from time to time. And I know I’m not alone in this. It’s important to fill in your brows. They frame your …

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Easy Highlight and Contour Guide Illustration

 I know I’m so late on the contour game, but I started contouring about 6 months ago. I started by using really cheap products without any contour guide. I quickly realized contouring was something I was going to be in with for the long haul and the cheap palettes just weren’t going to cut it. …

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Beauty Lifestyle

What is Maskcara Makeup?

I recently started a new adventure as a Maskcara Makeup Artist.  So far it’s been a week full of intense learning, trial and error, and fun.  If you’ve heard anything about the Maskcara Beauty Line, you’ll know it’s not offered at retail stores.  It is purchased through an artist. So yes, it’s a multi level …

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