Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth

I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with Smile Brilliant over the last few months.
When I was approached to review a teeth whitening product I was pretty skeptical.
Because my teeth are wildly sensitive.
Hold on to that thought for just one sec.

When I looked more into the diy bleach trays, whitening gel and… get this…
desensitizing gel– I decided it was worth a shot.
So my kit came in the mail, and seriously was so easy!
I take an impression using the precise + clear instructions given (thank goodness for that),
mail back my impressions in a prepaid envelope and…
just a few short days later my trays arrive!
Above is my before and after picture.
But before we talk about the picture, it’s time for a little love story.
And read through the end, I promise it’s worth it!
S T O R Y  T I M E:
Remember how I told you to remember my wildly sensitive teeth?
Let me create some background for you.
My teeth are so sensitive it is very painful to get my teeth cleaned.
It often hurts to eat.
It hurts to brush my teeth.
It hurts to drink water.
It hurts to eat bread. Bread guys. BREAD.
So I used to desensitizing gel as suggested in the kit. It wasn’t enough.
I have a pretty high pain tolerance so describing pain as “excruciating” always seems a bit dramatic to me. But pain in the teeth is nothing to play around with, k? It was excruciating. I kept the whitening on for maybe five minutes. And the pain stuck with me for days.
So at this point, I’m done, right? No desire to go through that again.
I updated the partner from Smile Brilliant who was working with me explaining my situation.
She suggested using the desensitizing gel before and after whitening for about 20-30 minutes.
I was scared people.
I could feel the pain swelling up in my mouth, my glands were hurting. You know the feeling.
But I felt like I needed to go through with it.
So I did.
And it hurt.
BUT not as bad.
I was so excited to not have such excruciating pain while whitening. Even though it was painful, I left on the gel for about 15 minutes. I couldn’t do much longer, but that was the most whitening I’ve been able to do in years. I emailed the partner to tell her that while I was excited about the pain being reduced, I still didn’t feel like I’d be able to handle the pain continually.
And this my friends, is where the story CHANGES.
She suggested I use the desensitizing gel every day for one week then whiten for about 20 minutes followed by another week of desensitizing gel. I would repeat the pattern until I got the whitening results I wanted.

I fell in love.
I used the desensitizing gel every day for a week and guess what…
yes, BREAD!
I could eat bread again.
When it came time to whiten there was NO PAIN!
I’m not kidding.
I was shocked.
Seriously shocked.
Even after whitening I continued to feel nothing. NO PAIN!
And it’s all because of the desensitizing gel.
Lauryn’s painfully sensitive teeth + desensitizing gel = True true love.
I will admit that a very slight amount of pain came back when I was doing multiple whitening treatments, but a little discomfort is expected.
So revisiting my before and after picture. 
Yes, I’m aware there is not much of a noticeable difference. I have been working with this company for a while and quite honestly I felt like it was time for me to give them something in return.
With desensitizing my teeth so frequently and whitening not so frequently, I wasn’t able to get the whitening results as fast as most people will.
But I could NOT let more time pass without bragging about the desensitizing gel.
I started this journey to whiten my teeth but was surprised to end up with a solution to my everyday pain with sensitive teeth. I have consulted dentists, tried every sensitive toothpaste out there, gotten fluoride treatments, and NOTHING touched the pain like the Smile Brilliant desensitizing gel.
It’s truly a miracle for my teeth.
Huge thank you to Smile Brilliant for being patient with me and helping me along this journey.
I will continue to use Smile Brilliant products and definitely recommend their systems to you all!
Plus, they just came out with a new toothbrush, so that’s pretty exciting, right?
But even better, they are offering a coupon code AND giveaway to my readers and followers!
15% off coupon code: laurynashli15
The giveaway is for a $149 Smile Brilliant credit.
It is open for at least 1-2 weeks and open to USA, UK, Australia and Canadian residents.
Thanks for reading my story!

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