Ten Random Facts About Me

If you’re reading my blog or following along with me through social media, you’ll know that I’ve shared a little bit about my boys, my fashion, beauty, and my mental health but not so much about my personal likes/dislikes. 

So I thought I’d start introducing myself a little better. Today with ten random facts about me! 

  1. I seriously hate storing pans. I just can’t even handle it. They are never organized. Always a pain to get out or put away. Noisy, big, ANNOYING! I get that there are storage solutions for the lids whatever, so I should probably look into them. But it just drives me wild to put away or get pans from the pan cupboard. 
  2. I love to organize things. I’m sure this seemed sort of obvious considering the pan thing. But I really love organizing. I love bins, totes, shelves, labels, all the organizing goods. When I get frustrated or anxious all I need is a good closet cleaning. 
  3. Sheets are also annoying. Back in the day when I wasn’t married and sharing a bed with a BOY, I could just crawl in my bed and the sheets didn’t move. Welllll, now he pulls on the covers, I pull on the covers, and the sheets get all messed up. Well instead of just kindly fixing them, I get super irritated. When the sheets aren’t perfectly even on both sides, up to the right height, and smooth, I get bugged. 
  4. I love hoodies. When I change into my cozy clothes at the end of the day I’m gonna choose a hoodie. And the hood’s gotta be on. My hoodie is my safe place. ‘Nuff said.
  5. When I was 18 I lived in Mexico teaching English. I had a full ride scholarship to Utah State University but didn’t quite feel like I was ready to be in college. I kinda made up this idea of teaching dance in England but while searching for that and realizing it didn’t exist, I found a program in Mexico where I could teach English to the kids there for a semester. 
  6. I almost went to fashion school. When I came back from Mexico, I was still pretty unsure about what I wanted to do with life. I looked into fashion school in San Francisco at FIDM. The thought didn’t last long but I applied and talked to the admissions for awhile. It was a pretty exciting endeavor for a hot minute.
  7. I play the piano. I love art. A lot. Most of my other art interests are pretty widely known. But not many people know I’ve been trained musically. I’m not amazing by any means. But still a fun random fact!
  8. I LOVE HALLOWEEN. It is my absolute favorite holiday. I love dressing up, love the spooks, candy, etc. It’s all just GOOD. So good.
  9. I don’t love pizza. I mean, I’ll eat it. I don’t completely despise it. But it’s really not my favorite. And I definitely don’t love it like most people seem to.
  10. My hair is naturally blonde. I’ve gone back to blonde here and there. I’ve even tried red. But I love being a brunette. I feel the most “me” this way. 

Okay, now pick a random fact about yourself and tell me! Hope everyone has a great week!