the PERFECT dress

-JANUARY 20, 2015-
This post is kindly sponsored by eShatki. All opinions are 100% mine.
I was recently contacted by the brand eShatki to sample an item.
As you can imagine, I always check out the brand before I agree to collaborate.
I do not like to represent brands unless I absolutely love them…
and let me tell you…
when I first went to the eShatki website, I was in AWE.
there are SO MANY dresses!!!
Since I was a little girl I have been absolutely in love with dresses.
I would save up all of my money and buy me a pretty dress from Macy’s
and be the happiest girl alive.
Well since then, I have grown and gotten taller. I’m 5’7″.
And I mean, generally… not a problem.
But I can be pretty picky when it comes to dresses.
I like them to be long enough to go to my knee & bonus points if the dress
has sleeves.
Well eShatki is completely customizable.
You can pick out ANY dress
add sleeves
take away sleeves
add length
cut length
add pockets
change the neckline
Is this not absolutely amazing!!??
Plus, they take your measurements & height all into consideration.
My dress fits PERFECTLY.
So you can only assume these dresses cost a fortune?
Well they don’t.
(doesn’t this all seem like a lie!?)
They are extremely affordable!
check out my incredible find!