Thicker, Fuller Face Framing Hair with Psykhe Hair Extensions

This post is sponsored by Psykhe Hair Extensions.
(A Kaysville, UT local company!)
I’ve always struggled with the layers of hair framing my face.
Struggled meaning, I’ve alway felt like I need MORE hair around my face.
I use heat on my hair almost every day.
I definitely try to keep it protected, but it is brittle and breaks easily.
I also lost a bunch of my front hairs from having babies. They are coming back, but SLOWLY.
Even in this picture I have tape in hair extensions.
But nothing could cover the lack of hair growing right in the front around my face.
Here is the side profile of my hair:
You can see how drastically shorter it is than the rest of my hair.
I could just cut it all off, but yeah…. I’m not about to do that.
I was introduced to the Psykhe Hair Extension Piece.
And can I tell you….
When I was fitted for my piece I kept saying over and over, “How has this not been invented yet!?’
I can’t believe how natural the pieces look.. check out this picture below:

This hair piece is removable, easy to put on, blends SUPER well with natural hair, doesn’t damage hair, and can be styled any way you regularly style your hair.
I’m telling you it is amazing.
Here I am wearing two pieces. The two pieces work well for my hair since it’s extra thick.
But sometimes I wear just the one piece and it still looks great!
They are worn like a headband with the hair laying in front by the cheeks.
So they hide the broken, postpartum, scraggly hair in the front and add perfect natural volume.
When you purchase a piece, you will need to get it fitted to your hair.
This means you take it to a professional to get it colored to match your natural hair and cut to the length you want it. (FAQ can be found here).
I genuinely LOVE this hair piece.
And Jennae (the creator) is SO kind and talented.
Make sure you check out her story here.
And if you have any questions for me and how I use mine, feel free to ask in the comments or shoot me an e-mail at any time. I love my Psykhe piece!