Versatility with a Wrap Tie Top

This post is kindly sponsored by Shein. All opinions are 100% my own…for reals. I love Shein!
Fashion tip of the day…and word for the wise:
Utilize the ties on your clothes to create some versatility!
Just like you can wear belts differently, you can wear ties on your clothes differently.
For example:
in the front, back, side, crossed, tight, loose, in a knot, in a bow…
For this shoot I tied the top in the back with a bow leaving nothing on the front.
Then I tied it again crossing it on the front then knotting it in the back.
I love that I can change the look of this top with just a few easy ties.
I feel like the first tie is more casual while the cross tie is a little more formal.
And honestly, I feel like the options are endless here.
So for me, for you, for your budget…
Remember that you are not limited by your clothes.
Be creative and think outside the box.
Switch it up ya’ll.
top // Shein (only $11!)
denim // American Eagle also worn here
shoes // Nordstrom Rack also worn here
Let me know how you switch up your style!