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What is Maskcara Makeup?

I recently started a new adventure as a Maskcara Makeup Artist
So far it’s been a week full of intense learning, trial and error, and fun. 
If you’ve heard anything about the Maskcara Beauty Line, you’ll know it’s not offered at retail stores. 
It is purchased through an artist. So yes, it’s a multi level system. 
Which is THE MAIN reason I was hesitant to become an artist. 
But when I learned more about Cara and the company I couldn’t help but be drawn toward it.
I believe a person is as beautiful as they choose to be. Beauty is deeper than what is seen on the outside. EVERYONE is beautiful, we just need to believe we are and find confidence and positivity within ourselves. 
The awesome thing about the Maskcara is that the mission statement just so aligns with my ideals!
I’m so happy I found this makeup. It helps women and girls of all ages find that beautiful within.
It creates coverage without feeling heavy.
It adds dimension and brightness without taking away from natural beauty.
If this is catching your attention and you want to know more about this magic makeup keep reading…
– – –
Since starting I’ve had many interests that ALL start with questions. 
What is Maskcara!?
I’m going to try to answer some newbie questions in the simplest yet thorough way possible.
So what is Maskcara Makeup?
Maskcara was created by the incredible beauty blogger Cara Brook. Her blog is amazing. She knows her stuff when it comes to makeup and beauty. Cara wanted to create a makeup that simplifies the routine and enhances our natural beauty. So came the IIID Foundation.
What is HAC and IIID Foundation?
IIID (or 3D) Foundation is a customizable Highlight and Contour (otherwise known as ‘HAC’) compact kit. The kit is customizable to suit your needs and wants but generally starts with:
Highlight– a perfect match to your skin color that conceals, brightens, and evens skin tone.
Contour– a darker shade used to create dimension and optical illusions to hide flaws.
Blush– a variety of pink/red colors that add brightness and youth to the face.
Illuminator– a light pearlescent shimmer used to add a bright pop where natural light hits.
A traditional foundation is all one color. 
If you look at your face in the light, you’ll notice that the light naturally hits certain parts of your face to brighten areas and create shadows in areas. Your face is not flat. A traditional one color foundation will create a flat “lifeless” look to your face whereas IIID foundation will enhance natural light letting your face look 3 dimensional and naturally beautiful. It’s awesome. For real.
What if I don’t wear a lot of makeup and don’t know how to contour?
Well relax, cause this is easy! It may seem daunting but it’s really simple.
You can do the coverage as light or as heavy as you want. As far as contouring, you basically place it color by number. You can do this makeup in under 5 minutes. It’s more about making your face look natural and three dimensional… highlighting and shadowing where natural light hits. not about that Kim Kardashian contour.
Why choose Maskcara over other brands?
‘Cause you won’t regret it!
But also…
Cream makeup is better for your skin. 
Your skin may need an adjustment almost “cleansing” period (mine did), but once it’s familiar with the cream, your skin will THANK YOU! It keeps the moisture in and evens your skin tone. It really looks flawless when applied.
Cream blends better. 
Foundation, blush, contour, highlight; they are all the same consistency. So the blending is smooth without harsh lines.
It’s more than worth the price. 
Each tin is $12 and lasts for such a long time. This is high quality makeup that’s going to be cheaper than drug store!
The compacts.
There are many different sizes of the compacts. But the best part is that they come empty and you fill them with your custom shades. The compacts are magnetic so if you run out of one shade you just replace the ONE shade. You don’t have to worry about unused colors.

It’s fast and easy to learn.

Like I said earlier, you can do this makeup in 5 minutes. Like any new makeup there might be a little learning period, but the awesome thing is any questions you have can be answered by your artist! I can guide you through any questions or troubles you have.

So if you haven’t tried Maskcara Makeup I highly urge you to try it! There is a 30 day money back guarantee so you really have nothing to lose. Send me an email if you want to get color matched. I can match you over a picture and can help you along the way like a personal little beauty consultant. I’m artist number #6294 and you can shop here!
Get out there gorgeous!