When to Wear Tights With an Outfit

This post is kindly sponsored by Shein. All opinions are 100% my own.
So its here.
Cold season has officially hit us in Utah.
That means no more bare legs.
Its just too cold.
And it’s really not pretty when my white legs get chilled.
I mean.. tights are a necessity.

So how do you decide when to wear tights?
First think about WEATHER.
If it’s cold outside and your legs will be bare.
Wear tights.
Opaque, sweater, and knit tights are best for colder weather. 
Practical and fashionable.
But that doesn’t mean tights are a no go when it’s warm. 
When you want to ADD SOME DETAIL to a basic outfit wear tights in the summer.
I love to add sheer nude tights with designs to spice up an outfit.
Tights are an accessory!
Lastly, use tights to TIGHTEN.
When you’re nearing 30 and you’ve had two kids… 
the skin and muscle in your legs just isn’t quite as tight as it used to be.
BAH… soo easy fix.
Wear tights!
Gain a little firmness.

Just use this rule of thumb.
No matter when you wear tights, think of them as an accessory. 
Jewelry, a bag, a hat.
Make your tights a statement piece, 
a delicate little spice of flavor, or a functional flowing extension to your outfit.

Now have fun. And go get some fun tights to add to your wardrobe!

sweater // H&M (last season)
similar style here
hat // also worn here
skirt // Shein
tights // Hue 
shoes // Nine West thrifted
 similar style here