White Top + Shein Q + A

This perfect white bell sleeve blouse is my FAVORITE top in my closet at the moment.
I love that I can dress it up or tone it down.
It came from a collaboration with SheIn who I’ve worked with quite a bit.

I love working with SheIn.

You can see me recent posts with SheIn here (buffalo plaid top) and here (drapey cardi).
With so many kind partnerships I’ve had with SheIn, there have been a few questions about the products and the company, so I wanted to answer a few of them for you guys.
And trust me, you will LOVE the answers.
Check them out-
Q: Is the clothing cheaply made?
A: No, it really isn’t! Everything I have received has been great quality.
Q: Does the product come looking different than the picture?
A: I haven’t received any products that look differently than they looked in the pictures. I feel like SheIn does a great job showing how the product looks.
Q: Are the products true to size?
A: For the most part, yes. They do recommend that you look at the size guides of EACH product. I would say the same thing. I have ordered some items a size larger than my normal size out of worry the product will be too small and it is usually to big. So order your usual size, but to make sure it really works, check the measurement charts. They are accurate!
Q: Does the item take forever to arrive?
A: Nope! It usually takes my products around a week to get to me.
If you have more questions feel free to ask them in the comments!

blouse // Shein
necklace // World Market